There are millions upon millions of small businesses out there today. Each one with something unique. You have your small food businesses, jewellery, clothing, wellness, marketing, design, furniture, wine, hairdressers, makeup... you name it - this world is jam-packed with people who have built their business from the ground up, and now they need to sell. 

Back in the 'olden days' before the internet, there were many ways to advertise your business. You had newspaper ads, billboards, radio ads and tv commercials. Word of mouth was hugely important as people relied on human testimonials to spread the brand. Now, things are slightly different, but the goal is the same. Let people know about what you're doing and why they would benefit from your company. 

First, there were display ads (ads that you see on every website you go to) and they were great until people started to use adblocker. Businesses had to become more creative about how they got their name out there, so they started to insert their brand into articles, and not just any articles - articles that weren't specifically about their product. Still with us? Okay, here's an example. 

A wine shop has hundreds of bottles of delicious wine that they need to sell. They bought this wine from a vineyard in France and they know how good it is but their ads on websites just aren't bringing in customers. How are you meant to sell the beautiful taste of wine with one tiny square in the corner of someone's screen? So, they start to write articles. Articles like 'Why red wine tastes so good with red meat' and 'Why the temperature that you serve your wine is important to the taste' and 'How to pick out a good wine for a dinner party' - within all of these articles they included links to their own wine and found that people were buying directly from the article - because the article was giving something back, they weren't just being sold to. 

This worked very well for the wine shop, and they were able to do it because the son of the family actually had his own wine blog, so he was able to take the articles straight from there and put them on the wine shops website. Easy. 

Do you know what's not so easy though? When a business doesn't have a son with a blog, when a business team of the family has a great product but no writer among them. They are experts in what they do and what they are selling, and yet when it comes to writing an article about it, they are amateurs. This is called 'blank page syndrome' and is not uncommon with small businesses. So, what do they do? They contact an agency and ask them to write articles for them. The agency quotes a minimum of $400 per article, and as much as the family needs it - they just don't have that kind of money and they are back to square one. 

That is until Marker Content was born. 

Marker Content hosts thousands of bloggers articles. Bloggers who are experts in what they know but haven't managed to sell any articles of their own. They upload them to Marker Content so that small businesses can download them for their own companies website. These articles are not meant to be downloaded and uploaded as-is. They are a template, a starting point, a solution to 'blank page syndrome'. Their purpose is for them to be chopped and changed, edited and rebranded so that the business has something for their newsletter, their blog, or their social media accounts. 

The articles on Marker Content are 'stock articles' and much like 'stock images' they are there to help any business to buff up their website and allow for no big gaps. The most important element of keeping your business relevant and your customers engaged is consistancy. That means 1 blog per day, not per month. Businesses with a consistent blog strategy receive twice as much email traffic as those without.

Writing pieces from scratch is great if you can do it. The average article takes 3 hours and 20 minutes to write, so if you have the time then great! If not, it takes about 3 seconds to download whatever articles you need from Marker Content, meaning you can spend more time focusing on selling your product. 

Head to and save yourself both valuable time and money. 

Happy Browsing :)