Here's how it used to go...

Businesses of all shapes and sizes needed to market themselves. They needed to show the world how great they were and how much people would benefit from their product or service. How did they do this? Billboards, display ads... photographs. So they paid photographers and models to come up with the exact image they needed for the ads. This worked well until a better solution was born. Stock images. 

Stock images meant that businesses could simply search and download the image they were looking for, or as close to it as they could find, for a fraction of the cost. In the beginning, this seemed crazy. 

'A photograph that another business can use? But why would we do that? We don't want the same image on our brochure as a competitor!' 

That's reasonable, but they soon realised that what was important was the quality of their business, and with the hundreds of thousands of images that they could choose from, the chances of the same person seeing the one that they had picked on the same day as the one some other business across the world had picked, were incredibly slim. Ego is a terrible thing, and it can sometimes prevent people from seeing the logic and once that was realised, stock photography was born and was thriving. 

In the same way, marketing agencies everywhere are struggling to satisfy the needs of their many, many clients. With a $54 billion industry valuation, there are a LOT of clients who are looking for their content to be looked after. The average business should be posting content at least once a day, and with the average marketing agency dealing with between 10 - 20 clients that comes to at the very least 70 content pieces PER WEEK. That's a lot of writing. 

The figures are out there. Businesses with a consistent blog strategy receive twice as much email traffic as those without. Plus, more than 55% of marketers say they’ve gained new customers just by blogging. This is all great news for businesses, but a lot of work for account managers.

On the other side of things? Over 10 million blog posts are posted every single day and 95% of these articles are going unseen because they are being published on blogs that have no audiences. Much like the photographers with rolls of film of thousands of images that they can't sell, the same now goes for writers with back catalogues of articles. Good articles. Articles about parenting, health, food, money, business, travel, technology. There are experts all over the world that have valuable content that marketing agencies would give anything for! 

A solution? Marrying the two. Writers uploading their articles, marketing agencies downloading them. 

The most important part of a content strategy is its consistency. One good article every 3 weeks isn't going to cut it anymore. A brand needs to remind people they are there and connect with them on a daily basis. Of course, there will always be a need for bespoke, original articles and we sincerely hope that businesses keep injecting their own individuality into their brand. But for the agencies? Give yourself some breathing room and download what you need.

We here at Marker Content are delighted to see marketing agencies use our content. Subscribing to 20 articles at a time and taking the pressure off their content demands. Once downloaded, every article can be edited, changed, rebranded and published again. 

The future is here and it's stock articles, and we can't wait to provide everything you need, every day.