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Tips for contributers

What to write?

The beauty of Marker Content is that it has something for everyone. You are the expert in whatever you want to write about, so you choose your own topic. Whether it’s motherhood, cars, nutrition, science… Someone out there needs your opinion, your research, and your work. Businesses need content to capture search traffic, expand their audiences in their respective niches, and keep users engaged.

Write what you know, and more importantly - write something that you yourself would be inclined to click on and read. That’s where you’ll turn a nice profit.

Tips on getting your articles accepted

  • Any articles with errors in spelling and grammar will automatically be sent back for review, so save yourself some time and make sure they are perfect on first submission.
  • Always make sure the title of the article clearly states what it’s about, in the most obvious way possible.
  • In the description of the article, make sure you include the beginning, the middle, and how it ends. The buyer will only see a short excerpt, they are much more likely to purchase if they feel familiar with the content.
  • Any plagiarism will be picked up by the Marker Content system and you will be flagged.

Tips on getting your articles bought

  • The more articles you submit, the more will get bought, and the more money you will make, so get writing!
  • Submit articles with the buyer in mind - what do people what to share on their business social media page or website? Does your work appeal to a company trying to engage their audience?
  • Vary your categories, when you’re out of ideas look through the other categories on the site and see if you could generate something new.
  • Write as many articles on the same subject you want, if you are an expert or have a valued point of view - they will be bought.
  • Trending topics sell. Christmas, natural disasters, celebrity scandal - these articles will be bought fast so get writing!
  • Keep it simple. People want to buy articles that they can stand by and share while representing their business. Remember that.
  • Watch the length. Overly long articles will be hard to be approved but even harder to sell.